This is because it enables companies to innovate and adapt quickly to changing business and technology environments. As technology advances at an extraordinary rate, security becomes increasingly imperative


Neo ERP is the system which helps in regulating the optimistic utilization and proper allocation of the various resources helps in maximizing the profit. Therefore, our ERP shows the intelligence with the development of the product by ensuring automation and simplifies the manual operations integrating with the entire organization under a single shell.


Neo CRM is the tool which helps in building the interaction with the customers, internal and external stakeholders with the organization. It helps in managing the rapport with the existing ones, building new customers, gaining their trust with a vision of long term managerial commitments, qualified support streamlining the process of expansion of the business verticals.

Neo Remote Hospital

Neo Remote Hospital platform is a technological advancement which provides the benefit for Physicians and Patients at both end of the platforms. It is a telemedicine service which is basically serving the patients from a distant location via secured Platform. Irrespective of the location, the healing process take place with a specified care at the doorsteps of the patient from the specialists of their very own choice.

Neo Remote Bench

Neo Remote Bench is fundamentally developed with the aim of reaching as a consortium portal which provides skilled services ultimately to the lowest level of market. It ensures that the courses are accessible even from remote with an easy affordability by a large volume of learning aspirants. These courses are more of applied training based rather than textual knowledge in the dynamic ways of understanding the concepts with the realistic examples and self-assessing modules. Simply stating, it brings the Industry experts, Research scholars into the field of education.


Neo HRMS is the system which maintains the records of all the Resource of Personnel contributing their skills and performance in the form of knowledge to the organization. It signifies and consolidates the HR Functions, such as storing employee data, time and attendance, maintaining payroll systems, employee benefits administration employee performance management, new recruitment or internal transfer, and tracking competency and training records.

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