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What is IoT?

The Internet of Things is conceptually about connecting devices to the Internet and to each other. It’s the relationship between “people-people, people-things, and things-things.” IoT software applications can provide real-time analytics and pattern identification.

IoT applications typically helps in making manufacturing operations efficient, reduces cost and enhances customer experience. In the Fintech Industry IoT safeguards payment management thereby improving margins. Our team blends Machine learning, M2M communication, sensor data, and automation technologies to create autonomous smart machines and connected factories.

HCT is one of the best IoT service providers in India and known for its seamless connectivity experience.

IoT Applications


IoT will provide flexible design options and tools that automate and duplicate tasks to keep time and costs in check. 50 billion connected sensors, devices and machines estimated by 2025..

Saves Life

In Healthcare, IoT is used for health monitoring, fitness and activity tracking, medication adherence or personal emergency response to monitor patients in critical condition.


IoT makes process of data collection, management and sharing much more accessible for Fintech companies.

Immediate alerts

Manufacturers in automotive, aerospace, defence, farm equipment, construction and industrial machinery industry use IoT to connect supply chain, assets & products and also to remotely monitor & optimise performance.

Our IoT Building Strategy


Have an innovative idea? share it with the HCT team. Our experts decipher vague ideas to create practical business cases.


Having gathered all the data and your current technology stack, we develop an IoT road map to give you a clear picture how processes and machines would be connected.


Next, our dedicated IoT team will start application design and development process.


At HCT, we realize the importance of testing as many independent processes are now connected. A strong and independent testing team which specializes in “IoT Testing” will test for quality and reliability.


Monitoring, analyzing and sharing the results with you while, providing the necessary suggestions and product refinement.

Why HCT for IoT Development Services?